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Japan Energy Fund aims to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized society in Japan by investing in leading climate tech solutions around the world. Together with our L.P.s, we leverage our expansive network across Japan to help our portfolio companies enter the Japanese market.

Who we are

Japan Energy Fund is a dedicated fund that invests in promising climate tech solutions around the world which have the potential to scale in Japan. We are the only fund from Japan that is purely focused on climate tech and investing in US/European startups. 

Our partners

Japan Energy Fund was founded in 2019 and started investing in renewable energy businesses in Turkey and Jordan as well as select venture companies. In September 2021, Japan Energy Capital announced the official launch of its second fund together with BIPROGY (formerly Nihon Unisys, Ltd.), ENECHANGE Ltd. and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation to create its decarbonized tech fund dedicated to startup investments in climate tech, which was joined by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank in June 2022. With a total fundraising target of $50M, we continue to expand our funds by new L.P. participation.


We have invested in a variety of climate tech solutions including battery tech, smart meter data analysis, offshore wind technology, Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and Demand Response (DR). We seek to further invest in technologies that accelerate our path to reach net zero. 



Leap’s platform enables DERs to easily participate in energy markets. Working with the technology and service providers who manage and operate grid-connected devices, Leap automates energy market access and creates new value streams for its partners and their customers.



An engineering simulation platform provider that creates digital twins of energy infrastructures to improve their design, maintenance, reliability and lifetime.

Our growing portfolio


Developed and now commercializing a new, long-duration liquid battery technology that will enable widespread use of renewable energy sources, reduce electricity costs, and enable power systems to operate more reliably and efficiently.



Sense’s home monitoring technology can analyze power consumption at up to 1 million measurements per second, identifying whether appliances are on or off and how much energy they consume, nudging consumers to adjust their consumption behaviour.


Tokyo Office

ENECHANGE, Tokyo Square Garden 14F, 3-1-1 Kyobashi



London Office

1 King William St

London EC4N 7AF 
United Kingdom

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